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Devarapalli, Rami Reddy and Shinde, Deodatta R. and More, M. A. and Shelke, M. V. (2012) Vertical nanostructured arrays of SiNWs/ZnO nanostructures as high performance electron field emitters. In: Interdisceplinary Symposium on Materials Chemistry(ISMC 2012), 11-15th December,2012, BARC,Mumbai. (Submitted)

Gupta, Neha and Sharma, Poonam and Kannan, C. and Abbassi, Shakeel and Abhilash, O. U. and Khan, B. M. (2011) Role of squalene synthase and squalene epoxidase in secondary metabolite biosynthesis in withania somnifera. In: National Symposium on Recent advances in Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnological Researches in India, 4-6 Feb. 2011, M. N. Institute of Applied Sciences, Bikaner, Rajasthan.

Barvkar, Vitthal T. and Pardeshi, Varsha C. and Giri, Ashok P. and Kadoo, Narendra Y. and Gupta, Vidya S. (2011) Label-free quantitative proteomics analysis of flax (Linum usitatissimum) seed developmental stages and establishment of proteome expression profiles. In: World Congress on Biotechnology 2011, 21-23 March, 2011, Hyderabad, AP, India. (Unpublished)

Selukar, Balaji and Parwe, Sharad and Mohite, Kavita and Jadhav, Swapnali and Tupe, Santosh and Garnaik, Baijayantimala (2011) Synthesis and characterization of PLA using novel cloisite modified catalyst and antibacterial and degradation behaviour. In: Science Day National Chemical Laboratory Pune, February 2011, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune. (Submitted)

Munshi, M. K. and Kelkar, A. A. and Rane, V. H. and Lomate, S. T. and Bagde, S. U. and Ghute, P. P. (2009) Vapor phase dehydration of glycerol to acrolein. In: 19th National Catalysis Symposium, Jan (18-21) 2009, NCL Pune. (Unpublished)

Selukar, Balaji S. and Garnaik, Baijayantimala (2009) Unique crystallization behaviour of poly (L actide)/poly (D Lactide) stereocomplex depending on rop using novel clay modified metal catalyst. In: Polymer Congress " APA -2009", 17-20 December 2009, India Habitat Centre New Delhi. (Submitted)

Selukar, Balaji and Rasale, Dyaneshwar and Rathna, Gundloori and Garnaik, Baijayantimala (2008) Unique template effects of fluorous distannoxane catalysts in transesterification of ester L-lactic acids and poly lactate polymers. In: Second International Symposium Advanced Materials and Polymers for Aerospace and Defens Applications (SAMPADA 2008), 8-12 December 2008, YASHADA - MDC Auditorium Raj Bhavan Complex, Pune-411007, (Maharashtra). (Unpublished)

Sarode, Ketan Dinkar and Ravi Kumar, V. and Kulkarni, B. D. Dynamic data modeling in systems biology by global-local optimization. In: 2015 Annual Meeting for the Society for Mathematical Biology, 30 June - 3 July, 2015, Atlanta, GA.

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