Bhaumik, Prasenjit and Dhepe, Paresh Laxmikant (2013) Influence of properties of SAPO's on the one-pot conversion of mono-, di- and poly-saccharides into -hydroxymethylfurfural. RSC Advances, 3 (38). p. 17156. ISSN 2046-2069

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Synthesis of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural (5-HMF) from biomass derived mono- and poly-saccharides is gaining importance because of its usefulness in the preparation of important chemicals. In our work, we have synthesized several silicoaluminophosphate (SAPO) catalysts, and have shown that in the absence of any other pH modifying reagents, those are active in converting mono- and poly-saccharides into 5-HMF under biphasic reaction condition at 175 °C. Particularly, SAPO-44 catalyst showed the best activity in the conversion of fructose to yield 78% 5-HMF with 88% selectivity. On the contrary, all other catalysts showed lower yields (H-MOR: 63%, SAPO-5: 32%, 2DCT: 60%). Over SAPO-44, good yields for 5-HMF were observed when glucose (67%), maltose (57%), cellobiose (56%) and starch (68%) were used as substrates. Recycle study carried out with SAPO-44 catalyst in the fructose conversion reaction showed marginal decrease in the activity up to 3rd run and then afterwards constant activity was observed up to 5th run (1st: 78%, 2nd: 71%, 3rd: 66%, 4th: 65%, 5th: 65%). Catalyst characterizations revealed that SAPO catalysts have higher hydrophilic nature than H-MOR (Si/Al = 10) and hence it is postulated that this property may help in achieving better results. Further studies on the catalyst characterizations revealed that SAPO-44 undergoes modifications in its structure. However, ICP-OES data suggests that Al and/or P are not leached out in the solution indicating that change in local environment around elements is possible. The influence of acid amount, type of acid site etc. on the catalytic activity is discussed and found out that strong acid sites are required to boost the 5-HMF yields.

Item Type: Article
Subjects: Catalysis and Surface Science
Depositing User: Dr. Paresh Dhepe
Date Deposited: 02 Feb 2016 10:41
Last Modified: 02 Feb 2016 10:41

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