Joshi, D. S. and Singhvi, M. S. and Khire, J. M. and Gokhale, D. V. (2010) Strain improvement of Lactobacillus lactis for D-lactic acid production. Biotechnology Letters, 32. pp. 517-520.

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Three mutants, isolated by repeated UV mutagenesis of Lactobacillus lactis NCIM 2368, produced increased D-lactic acid concentrations. These mutants were compared with the wild type using 100 g hydrolyzed cane sugar/l in the fermentation medium. One mutant, RM2-24, produced 81 g lactic acid/l which was over three times that of the wild type. The highest D-lactic acid (110 g/l) in batch fermentation was obtained with 150 g cane sugar/l with a 73% lactic acid yield. The mutant utilizes cellobiose efficiently, converting it into D-lactic acid suggesting the presence of cellobiase. Thus, this strain could be used to obtain D-lactic acid from cellulosic materials that are prehydrolyzed with cellulase.

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Subjects: Biological Sciences
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Date Deposited: 22 Jan 2016 11:40
Last Modified: 22 Jan 2016 11:40

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