Mulla, Shafeek and Inamdar, Suleman and Pathan, Mohsin and Chavan, Santosh (2012) Ligand free, highly efficient synthesis of diaryl ether over copper fluorapatite as heterogeneous reusable catalyst. Tetrahedron Letters, 53 (14). pp. 1826-1829.

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Abstract: A novel ligandfree, highly efficient and an inexpensive method has been developed by using ecofriendly, heterogeneous reusable copper fluorapatite (CuFAP) catalyst for the synthesis of diaryl ethers from the cross coupling reaction of the various substituted aryl halides (fluoride, chloride, bromide and iodide) with the potassium salts of various substituted phenols in the presence of N-methyl 2-pyrrolidone (NMP) as a solvent at 120 oC. The protocol obtained corresponding cross coupling products in good to excellent yield. The CuFAP catalyst recovered by simple filtration from the reaction mixture and reused several times without loss of catalytic activity

Item Type: Article
Subjects: Organic Chemistry
Depositing User: Mr Suleman Inamdar
Date Deposited: 07 Jul 2012 13:50
Last Modified: 07 Jul 2012 13:50

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